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There has been an update in the erenumab warnings and precautions section for hypertension:5.3 Hypertension - Development of hypertension and worsening of pre-existing hypertension have been reported following the use of AIMOVIG in the postmarketing setting. Many of the patients had pre-existing hypertension or risk factors for hypertension. There were cases requiring pharmacological treatment and, in some cases, hospitalization. Hypertension may occur at any time during treatment but was most frequently reported within seven days of dose administration. In the majority of the cases, the onset or worsening of hypertension was reported after the first dose. AIMOVIG was discontinued in many of the reported cases. Monitor patients treated with AIMOVIG for new-onset hypertension, or worsening of pre-existing hypertension, and consider whether discontinuation of AIMOVIG is warranted if evaluation fails to establish an alternative etiology.
The risk appears to be quite small. The incidence in migraine patients with no history of hypertension
Hypertension 7.58 per 100 pt yrs
Serious hypertension leading to hospitalization or ER visit 0.375 per 100 pt yrs