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I created this COMPLETELY FREE personalized headache and facial pain self-diagnosis algorithm/tool and education site in hopes to lead patients and their local doctors to more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Essentially, the diagnostic algorithm mimics the questions a headache specialist would ask in the office. Based on responses, it will lead in different directions in the algorithm to fine tune some of the possible diagnoses, give personalized education, common treatments, etc.

Given a profound lack of headache specialists (only 570 in US) with many states having 0 and poor access to a headache specialist, the hope was that patients could print off their results to share with their local doctors to fine-tune diagnosis and discuss better treatment considerations.

The website also includes free community discussion/forums for each type of headache and facial pain disorder, to interact with others suffering with the same diagnoses and with Virtual Headache Specialist to ask questions, look for answers, share what has worked, not worked, etc.

Headache Diagnosis Tool, Headache Treatment, Migraine Treatment Guidelines

Headache Diagnosis Tool, Headache Treatment, Migraine Treatment Guidelines

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This headache and facial pain self-diagnosis tool has been developed by a headache specialist / neurologist as an educational service, since many patients do not have easy access to a headache specialist. This tool assists in narrowing down possible diagnoses, common treatment options, and personalized self-research by imitating a "virtual headache specialist" office visit.

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