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Parkinson Disease

Demonstrate your clinical knowledge and compete against peers. 


  • Walter Metzer
    80 Points
  • Zeyad Morcos
    80 Points
  • Selwyn Lloyd Mc Pherson
    60 Points
  • Q1. The membrane potential of which cellular membrane was altered when comparing Parkinson disease patients with healthy controls?  
  • Q2. In a recent study, cognitive decline in Parkinson disease patients was linked to which feature visible on MRI?  
  • Q3. In a recent study, the diagnostic accuracy of hand deformities was assessed and found to help distinguish Parkinson disease from which differential diagnosis?  
  • Q4. In a systemic review, electroencephalogram measures reflecting EEG slowing correlated with what clinical feature of Parkinson disease?  
  • Q5. Which group of Parkinson disease patients had the longest survival?